My own success comes from my eternal optimism. As I built businesses from the ground up, I encountered many obstacles. That is when I learned not to focus on challenges, but instead on quickly finding solutions. People gave me hand along the way, and that is exactly what I do now every day. I share my expertise in human resources and help others gain the tools, techniques, and strategies, so they can continue on their individual paths to success.

I have always had a passion for guiding people to live their best lives; whether they are going through career transitions or desiring to achieve their highest potential. My purpose is to motivate, educate and inspire people to create the lives they imagine. I do that through highly engaging coaching sessions, workshop facilitation, team building, and energizing retreats for job-seekers, employees, leaders, and workforce professionals. My Workforce Transformation Solutions “Raises the Lid” on staff potential and boosts performance and morale.

My consulting firm, The WorkWise Group provides value-added innovative business solutions to corporations and nonprofit corporations enhancing sales and marketing efforts and improving operational efficiency by diagnosing and resolving business challenges.


My book, Your Job Search GPS™, is a comprehensive guide to navigating the maze of the 21st-century job market.

This book is a step by step guide on how to reinvent yourself and develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals and land your dream job.  You can purchase my book here on Amazon.


My projects have included:

    • Creating and delivering engaging customized leadership retreats to “Raise the Bar” on staff performance.
    • Providing cutting-edge solutions to large and small corporations resulting in strategy and implementation of workforce improvement initiatives.
    • Developing curriculum for a 30-day work-readiness boot camps. These programs provide training on life skills, overcoming adversity, work readiness, how to reinvent yourself, and 21st-century job search techniques.
    • Delivering 21st-century workforce transformation solutions, outplacement services, sales and marketing training, consulting, and motivational presentations.
    • 180Work-Up is a 10-step program which unlocks the secrets of navigating the maze of the 21st-century job market. Check it out at


The greatest reward of these programs was watching individuals transform their lives, once they believed it was possible.