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Did you realize that everyone in your company IS essentially a sales representative for your organization?  And that everyone in the organization – from maintenance to the CEO – has an impact on building relationships with your customers/clients/participants?

E.I.T.O.S. (Everyone In This Organization Sells)

This highly interactive learning experience will empower your front-line personnel to create WOW moments with each customer interaction and make lasting impressions of your organization in a short period of time. In 5-steps your team will learn how to:

    • Develop a customer-centric approach using a conversational style and build value with each customer interaction
    • Question, Probe & Listen to unearth exactly what the customer wants
    • Align the benefits of your organization with customers’ needs
    • Handle complaints, overcome resistance, and develop negotiation skills
    • Reinforce Value – How to make each customer interaction memorable and increase customer loyalty


E.I.T.O.S. programs are conducted at your location and the workshops are customizable to address your specific mission, core values, needs, and timetable. These programs can also be delivered through a highly interactive webinar or Zoom meeting to accommodate all schedules.

Customer Service Program

While it is your front-line staff who have the majority of contact and directly service your EXTERNAL customers, everyone in your organization has an impact on customer service by how we support and service our INTERNAL customers. The quality of customer service is even influenced by the appearance of your facilities and how user-friendly your website works.

Our online Customer Service Program will define what customer service is, how everyone has an impact, and bring your organization to the “next level” in building relationships – and sales – with your customers.

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