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Lifelong Learning is the key to keeping pace and staying relevant in today’s world. The WorkWise Group, Reimagine Your Future series provides tools to help you Focus Forward. Our goal is to facilitate your journey of creating the life that you imagine through affordably priced One-on-One Coaching Sessions, Coaching Parties, Workshops, and Webinars.

Below you will find a sampling of current workshop offerings:


The Art of Networking

Whether you own a business, are looking to be promoted, or you are a job seeker, networking is vital to your success. Learn how to comfortably make small talk and connect with decision-makers.

Navigating Your Future & Building Your Brand in the 21st Century

Do you feel left behind in this fast-moving economy? Learn techniques and strategies to build your brand and remain relevant in the high tech 21st century

The Art of Selling

From the creator of E.I.T.O.S. (Everyone In The Organization Sells) learn practical strategies to improve your ability to connect with people, understand their needs, and over-deliver service. Whether you own a business, are in sales, provide customer service, work in retail or deal with people in general, you will learn how to make an immediate connection with customers, boost sales, and advance your career.

Advanced Sales Strategies for Business Owners & Sales Professionals

If you want to boost sales, establish long term relationships, and increase your market share, this is the workshop for you. Learn new strategies and a step by step proven method to connect with more prospects and close more deals. We will also cover how to strengthen relationships with existing customers and more from being a vendor to a strategic contributor for their organization.

It’s Time to Write Your Book
Calling All Aspiring Authors!

Learn how to organize your thoughts, materials, and the steps you need to take to get started on your manuscript and publish your book on a budget.

Seasoned Professionals
How to Reinvent Yourself!

So much has changed it’s important to reinvent yourself to compete in the 21st century.

This workshop is designed for seasoned professionals looking to market themselves in a high-tech world and how to remain relevant.

Manage your Digital Footprint

The internet and social media can help and hurt your ability to gain employment or grow your business. This workshop teaches how to Polish Your Internet Presence and use social media to your advantage.

Dining Etiquette

Have you ever wondered why some employers take you out to eat during the job interview process? Are your clients forming a negative opinion about you based on your lack of dining etiquette?  When you are in a formal setting, do you know what to do with everything at your place setting? Believe it or not, people will judge you based on your dining etiquette or lack thereof. It’s time to learn proper dining etiquette so that you shine in all situations. Learn about the various dining styles, about the silent dining signals, and so much more. Bring your appetite for this fun dining experience.

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Training programs are conducted at your location and the workshops are customizable to address your specific mission, core values, needs, and timetable. These programs can also be delivered through a highly interactive webinar or Zoom meeting to accommodate all schedules.