For over three decades, The WorkWise Group has been committed to developing talent & creating exceptional leaders through Training & Development Transformation Solutions.

The WorkWise Group has set the standard in workforce development by enhancing the personal and professional skills of today’s job seekers in a short period of time, so they can be a contributing member of the 21st century workplace. We work with people to meet their basic needs, build on their strengths, and move them towards a better life.

Pat has helped hundreds of corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, universities and schools improve staff performance, meet and exceed goals, and improve their bottom line through her interactive, results-driven training programs and consulting services.

Our Programs:

    • Talent/Leadership Development
    • Workplace Coaching
    • Leadership/Team Building Retreats
    • Sales Training
      • The Consultative Sales Process
      • Sales Training for Non-Sales & Front-Line Personnel
      • Retail Sales Training
      • Hospitality Sales Training
    • Employer Engagement/Job Development Strategies
    • Soft Skills/Emotional Intelligence Training
    • Youth Bootcamps


The WorkWise Group Consulting Services:

    • Leadership Retreats
    • Team Building Programs
    • Business Management & Consulting
    • Human Resources Management
    • Professional/Staff Development
    • Change Management
    • Business Process Re-engineering
    • Workforce Transformation Solutions
    • Curriculum Creation
    • Train-the-Trainer


Training programs are conducted at your location and the workshops are customizable to address your specific mission, core values, needs, and timetable. Our programs can also be delivered through a highly interactive webinars or Zoom meetings to accommodate all schedules. All programs focus on improving communication skills and ensuring positive workplace interactions